Genalguacil Pueblo Museo, Genalguacil

Photography by Laura Miñé & Paco Poyato

'Isla de Encanta: Storyboard for an Andalusian Western' explores the hyper-moldable nature of the Western, through the narrative and fictionalization of a painted storyboard that narrates Antonia La Española’s personal story, an eighty-year-old woman of Genalguacil becoming a protagonist, in a film genre typically hyper-masculinized and stereotyped by Hollywood in the mid-20th century. Initially exploring the story of 'El Español', the Andalusian thoroughbred horse of her grandfather, who ended up sacrificing it after when the carabineros confiscated the animal during the war. Using her memories and domestic images as a starting point to generate a narrative, brought to a public context her relational nature connects us through our own collective memory in the Spanish territory. The complete series contains twelve pieces that convey a history that commences in the 1940s onto the present as a Spaghetti Western, altering its narration depending on the different possibilities and order in which the pieces are articulated in space. The installation, created in the studio at La Almazara Public School during my participation in the XVI Artistic Encounters of Genalguacil, was constructed from digitized ink drawings printed on fabric to be part of the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art Genalguacil 'Fernando Centeno Lopez'.